Al-Mushir (The Counselor):

Al-Mushir is a quarterly journal with articles in English and Urdu dealing with theological and cultural issues of Pakistan, particularly in the areas of Christian-Muslim relations, interfaith dialogue, Christian theology in the context of Pakistan, minority and human rights concerns. Keeping the inter-religious and ecumenical aspects in mind, Al-Mushir produces scholarly articles creating awareness regarding the religious and cultural context of Pakistan. People can subscribe to this journal by contacting the Centre.

Facilities Provided by CSC:

In 1998, the Christian Study Centre inaugurated a new multi-functional building called the Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali Dialogue Block, named after Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali Director CSC (1986-1995). The Block is used by the Centre to host its various activities. This block and other facilities of CSC are also available to be hired by other organisations. Please contact the Centre if any further information is required. The details are explained below:

 Auditorium - accommodates more than 130 people; Audio-visual facilities

 3 Seminar Rooms – accommodates 30-50 people

 Lounge/Dining room

 Guest rooms - double occupancy bedrooms

 Suites – small suites with kitchen facility are available for students, guests, visitors and other groups for long and short term stay.

 Lawns - CSC offers its lush green lawns to like-minded organizations for open air activities.