About Us

In the 1930s, the Henry Martyn Institute (HMI) was established in Hyderabad, India, in a bid to revive the spirit of reconciliation among the followers of different faiths in the Indian Sub- continent. But following the emergence of the two new countries i.e., Pakistan and India in 1947, it started becoming difficult to cross borders and assess such facilities. Therefore, in 1951 the Committee for the Study of Religion and Society of the West Pakistan Christian Council (now National Council of Churches in Pakistan) began to explore the possibilities of establishing a Study Centre for Christian Muslim Relations in Pakistan. With the support and guidance of various ecumenical Church organizations and individuals, the Christian Study Centre was established in 1967 with the aim to strengthen and develop a better understanding and relationship between the followers of Christianity and Islam in Pakistan. The Centre started functioning in 1968.

As an institution the Centre is firmly rooted from its very inception in the ecumenical tradition and vision of the Church. It is an autonomous, non-profit organization, for the explicit purpose of study and research in Christianity and Islam. Its aim is to serve Christian Churches, individuals and institutions with similar ecumenical trends of research and for the formation of a centre for comparative studies. With the passage of time it evolved as a Centre for dialogue, social change, human and minority rights, peace building and interfaith harmony.


  • To assist the Churches in Pakistan in their attempt to gain a better understanding of the relationship between Islam and Christianity and the particular nature of their calling as churches in a Muslim state.

  • To undertake and encourage academic research into Islam and Christianity in Pakistan and their relationship.

  • To encourage Christian-Muslim dialogue and to foster mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence and promote cooperation in various spheres of nation-building.

  • History


    The Christian Study Centre is a registered institute under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It has two categories of membership:

    1- Full members: Christian Churches, institutions and organisations who accept the aims and objectives of the organization and pay an annual contribution.
    2- Friends: Individuals who share the aims and objectives of the Centre and pay an annual contribution.

    The Centre is governed by a Board of Management which includes representatives of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan, the Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church in Pakistan and persons elected from the Full Members/Friends of the Centre. The current Officers of the Board are:

    Chairperson: Rt. Rev Samuel Azariah, former bishop of the diocese of Raiwind, Church of Pakistan

    Treasurer: Mr. Farrukh Marvin Parvez, Regional Director, Community World Service Asia

    General Secretary: Mr. Victor Azariah, Executive Secretary National Council of Churches in Pakistan

    The Centre is funded through donations and projects from churches, mission agencies and individuals in Pakistan and abroad, who support our programmes, and from the income generated by our trainings and residential facilities.