The Christian Study Centre is working for peaceful co-existence with the prime focus on mutual cooperation, better understanding and strong bonding between the Christian and Muslim communities and with people of other faiths. Christian-Muslim dialogue is the key component of the Centre and no doubt, is the basis of its establishment. Along with this basic component, CSC is also running a number of different projects related to developing Christian theology in Pakistan, interfaith harmony & peace-building and human/minority rights. It further carries out research in the said fields.

Interfaith Harmony and Peacebuilding Programmes:

Peaceful Co-existence among Religious Communities (2017-2019)

The increased level of religious intolerance and violence worldwide as well as within Pakistan increases the need for genuine Christian-Muslim dialogue that will lead to a deeper understanding of and respect for each other's faith. This is the third phase of the project and the focused areas are;
Samundri, Tandilawala, Jaranwala and Jhumra from Dist. Faisalabad, Tehsils Nankana Sahib and Gojra and Toba Tek Singh.
The project works with partner organizations, religious leaders, opinion makers, lawyers, intellectuals, journalists, local administration, parliamentarians, women and youth. The project hopes to develop peaceful co-existence through collaborative efforts. Last year alone (2016) the project carried out 80 activities, not including the multi activities implemented by our partners.

Promoting Peacebuilding among Religious and Community Leaders in Pakistan (Oct 2014-Sept 2017)

This project aims to build a pluralistic and harmonious Pakistan in which religious and community leaders actively take initiatives to promote interfaith harmony within their communities. The project focuses on different areas of Rawalpindi e.g.
Lalkurti, Dhok Illahi Baksh and Shamsabad where different religious communities have been living together since long. The project has three networks from people of all faiths, Bhai’s, Chrisitans, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs from different walks of life.

Developing a Culture of Peace & Harmony (Apr 2015 – March 2018)

The project works to promote peacebuilding through the peacebuilding tool of ‘Composite Heritage’. It focuses on the cultural aspect of peace and how we can promote it by using various cultural forms. The tool is used to bind people across religious divides. People feel “free-er” to engage with each other on cultural platforms as they are practices that come easily to people. The project is carried out throughout the country.

Theology in Pakistan (2017-2019)

The project seeks to encourage the development of theological reflection on Christian discipleship and the practice of mission and ministry in the context of Pakistan. It is targeted mainly at those who are (or will be) working or ministering in the Church. It will do this through developing CSC’s institutional capacity in this area. Church workers, teachers and ministers will have a deeper theological understanding of the Gospel in the context of Pakistan and Islam and so be better able to equip, promote and support the discipleship of the Christian community. Each year the project holds its ‘School of Theology’ where senior theologians, mid level and students of theology partake from all denominations. Well researched papers are read and discussed. The ‘School of Theology’ is one of its kind.

Institute of Theology & Christian Formation (ITCF)

ITCF began in 1988 to serve Christians of all denominations to get a better understanding of Christian theology and our calling as Christians in Pakistan. It seeks to develop a strong relationship with God and our love for our neighbor. Classes are held once a week. It is one of the most popular programmes of the Centre. Over the years ITCF has produced many Christian leaders who are faithfully serving the Church and Pakistan.