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Centre for the Promotion of Interfaith Dialogue and Social Harmony.

The Christian Study Centre has been serving the churches in Pakistan as an ecumenical institution for the study of Christian Muslim relations since 1967. In a world of increasing tensions and polarization we seek to promote deeper mutual understanding and respect between religious communities.

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The Christian Study Centre was founded in 1967 as an institution firmly rooted from its inception in the ecumenical tradition and vision of the Church, with the support and guidance of numerous ecumenical Church organisations and individuals, and commenced formal operations in 1968. The Centre was conceived as an independent, non-profit institution for the express purpose of investigating Christianity and Islam. 

Thus, the objective was to serve Christian Churches, individuals and institutions with comparable interests in ecumenical research trends and to establish a comparative studies centre. Over time, it transformed into a hub for dialogue, social change, human and minority rights, peacebuilding, and interfaith harmony.


What we do

Interfaith Dialogue

The Christian Study Centre’s commitment to interfaith harmony reflects our dedication to creating a society where different faiths coexist in harmony and respect.


The Christian Study Centre reflects our commitment to deepening faith, promoting interfaith harmony, and fostering intellectual engagement within a faith-based context.

Social Cohension

The Christian Study Centre’s social cohesion work focusing on composite heritage is a vital contribution to building a more cohesive and harmonious society.


Theological Journal of the Christian study centre Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Christian Study Centre’s publications serve as beacons of knowledge, understanding, and unity in a diverse society. Through our commitment to producing insightful and enlightening content, we contribute to a more informed, empathetic, and harmonious community. 

Our publications stand as testaments to our dedication to fostering education, dialogue, and social cohesion, ultimately paving the way for a brighter and more interconnected future


Board of Directors

The Christian Study Centre is registered institute under Societies Registration Act 1860 and signed an MoU with Economic Affair Division. The Centre is governed by a Board of Management which includes representatives of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan and the Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church in Pakistan and members elected from the Full Members and Friends of the Centre.



CSC’s documentaries serve as valuable educational tools that promote interfaith understanding, composite heritage, and social cohesion. These documentaries have the power to inspire, educate, and initiate important conversations that contribute to a more harmonious and inclusive society.


News And Updates

Working for the Promotion of

Interfaith Dialogue & Social Harmony

The Christian Study Centre has been serving the churches in Pakistan as an ecumenical institution for the study of Christian Muslim relations since 1967.

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